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About Kasia

Kasia Frankowicz is a Sydney based artist, creating contemporary art heavily influenced by street art and popular culture.

"My practice is ultimately a social commentary, interactions, events, religion, politics - you name it, I want to make art about it. I’m pansexual and grew up in a Catholic household so you’ll find a lot of my work touches on sexuality and religion too.


I create because ultimately I’m trying to decipher the big question of why. Why people are the way they are, why I’m the way I am and how it all fits together.


The end game is that I would like people to think twice about social constructs and why things are the way they are. I invite people to challenge themselves more and ask more questions. Whether it's the words they use, the stuff they believe in or the things they like, I want to encourage people to stop being complacent  - be more critical."

Kasia has been featured on the cover of the debut issue of Women Beyond 40 Magazine with her piece "The Brave Are Free", and has also appeared in Art/Edit Magazine as a featured artist, and was inducted into the CATC Design School Hall of Fame. Most recently Kasia was interviewed with Frankie Magazine.

See Kasia's interview with The Other Art Fair here and see Kasia's extensive design portfolio here.

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2023, May 4 - 7 / Rebirth / Ambush Gallery / Sydney


2023, March 1 - 8/ / Phresh Produce / Luna Studio / Sydney


2022, Dec 1 - 4/ The Other Art Fair / Sydney GET TICKETS

2022, Oct 26 - Nov 2 / Omnifarious Creations / Luna Studio / Sydney


2022, Aug 17 / REBIRTH / The Good Space Gallery / Sydney

2022, July / The Other Art Fair / Sydney 


2022, July / MardiQueer / The Good Space Gallery / Sydney


2022, June 18 / Incognito Art Show / Sydney


2022, June 18 / Incognito Art Show / Sydney


2022, May / The Other Art Fair  / Melbourne


2022, Mar / Saatchi Art / The Other Avatars


2022, Mar / Mowgli Studio, Long Jetty  / Fundraiser


2021, Dec / The Other Art Fair / Sydney

2021 Jan / The Other Art Fair / Sydney